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OMAKASE: try the new impression! 

What is "omakase"?

"Omakase” is a Japanese expression that literally translates to "trust the chef" or "trust in the chef". In the context of sushi and Japanese cuisine restaurants, omakase refers to an ordering format in which the customer trusts the chef to select and prepare the food of their choice.

How does it work?

In restaurants that offer omakase, customers typically do not select dishes from a menu, but trust the chef to create a lunch or dinner of one or more courses. The chef selects the ingredients and prepares the meal, taking into account the seasonality and freshness of the food, as well as the customer's individual preferences.

Why is this so exciting? 

Omakase requires the customer's trust in the chef and his culinary expertise. Customers can enjoy the chef's experience and creativity without worrying about food choices or combinations.

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