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What are “maki”?

Maki is one of the most famous types of sushi, which are rolls of rice, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients wrapped in nori seaweed. These rolls have a distinctive cylindrical shape and are usually cut into several pieces before serving.

Here are some of the most popular types of maki:

Hosomaki: These rolls are the thinnest and narrowest of the rolls. They usually contain a single ingredient such as fish, cucumber or avocado wrapped in rice and nori.

Futomaki: Unlike hosomaki, futomaki are larger rolls with more than one ingredient. They often contain combinations of seafood, vegetables and sometimes eggs, wrapped in rice

and nori.

Uramaki: These rolls are also known as "inner rolls" or "inverted rolls" because the nori is on the inside and the rice is on the outside. Uramaki usually contain several ingredients and are often garnished with sauces or sesame seeds.

Kappamaki (kappamaki): These rolls are a classic example of hosomaki, but are filled with only one ingredient, cucumber. Kappamaki is often served as a vegetarian alternative to meat or fish sushi.

Temaki: Temaki are cone-shaped rolls, usually filled with seafood, vegetables and rice. They are usually eaten with the hands and do not need to be cut before serving.

In our restaurant you can try 8 different types of maki and there is something for everyone. They are prepared according to classic Japanese recipes, which allows you to feel the full flavor of Japanese cuisine.

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